Why Your Grandparent's Closet Is Making a Comeback

Grandpa's Closet
Grandpa's Closet / belchonock?Depositphotos.com

How many times have you gone to the store to pick an outfit out, and your parents exclaimed that it was their favorite style growing up? If you go through your parent's teenage closet, you'd be shocked to find some of your favorite outfits or at least amalgamations. This is not a coincidence.

Interestingly, almost a decade ago, outfits from the '70s and '80s would be considered outdated, and people would make fun of anyone rocking them. It gets even more interesting when you consider our grandparents' closets are also making a comeback under the vintage tag.

Pastel colors have become fashionable, loafers are a must-have, and long flowery dresses are now considered stylish and classy. It seems like the fashion wheel keeps making a return to its roots. So why is this happening? Is there a fashion god somewhere playing tricks on us, or is a fashion troll time-traveling and reinventing the wheel?

Sorry to burst your bubble; there're no time travelers or supernatural entities behind this phenomenon. At least, none that we know of. Nevertheless, if you have any information, feel free to reach out so we can have a field day with the story.

According to various online reports, fashion and style trends tend to make a resurgence every two or three decades due to nostalgia. Most people draw inspiration from childhood experiences, and fashion designers are no different. Every new designer crop usually pays homage to their childhood and thus starts borrowing elements from their elders' closet. Before long, the inspiration fully morphs into the old designs that people would have found outdated a short while ago. 

Additionally, we live in the information age, meaning all kinds of trends are accessible for people to see. Before television and the internet, your only source of inspiration and understanding of style was based on your environment. This meant that everyone was stuck with what was accepted, and picking out something special for yourself was next to impossible unless you were wealthy. Even then, tailors were mostly limited to what they knew, and thus the style couldn't stray from the local vibe.

Thanks to mass production and online research, there is always something for everyone, so people are spoilt for choice. Thus, more and more people might gravitate towards the older trends to stand out. 

Lastly, influencers and celebrities play a significant role in deciding what is cool nowadays. A few years ago, most stars had stylists who dictated their outfits but these days, some entertainers choose their garb. This makes it easy to express themselves, sometimes rocking their parents' outfits. This is why vintage T-shirts made a resurgence a short while back.

The bottom line is fashion is temporary, but style is forever. We can't deny that the older outfits look fabulous. Try as we might in reinventing the wheel, as long as the outfits are stylish, they'll make a resurgence down the line. So don't be afraid to raid your folk's closet; you might strike gold.