Here’s How To Relieve Stress With Dance

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Say you hear your favorite tune come up on your playlist, and the first thing you do, is start head-banging, then slowly, you start moving your body. Before you know it, you're on a full-blown dance routine filled with laughter and joy. Dancing is one way to express and release what you're feeling, be it anger, stress, or frustration; once you're done dancing, you'll feel better.

Dancing is an alternative to keep fit for anyone who's not a fan of traditional physical exercises like lifting weights. It works like any other exercise, and the brain releases the happy hormones (endorphins) at the end of it, making you feel relaxed and happy, just like you would after a workout. Besides keeping you healthy and physically fit, dancing strengthens your mental and emotional health. When dancing, you release the tension in your body while simultaneously expressing your emotions and building your self-esteem. So, how does dancing help to relieve stress?

Your Focus and Mood Will Improve

Frequent dancing helps you improve your overall concentration and enhance your mood. The body releases endorphins when dancing, leaving you happy and less pressured while alleviating pain.

Did you know endorphins are our body's natural painkillers that help improve concentration and reduce stress? The happy hormones are released after a workout, and dance is also a proper workout if you ask us.

You’ll Find A Creative Outlet

We can all agree that sometimes the work and home pressures are overwhelming, and we can let them out in unhealthy ways. For example, stress can make you lash out at a loved one or shut yourself off from feeling the emotions.

Dancing helps you deal with stress artistically, giving you a creative and emotional way to express yourself without harming anyone. With the correct type of music and dance routine, you'll be able to tap into your creative self, and you can constructively display your emotions.

You’ll Get A Break From Those Joint and Muscle Aches

Whether you exercise frequently, are an athlete, or sit down for long periods, you're bound to suffer some stiffness. So what helps alleviate muscle and joint pain? You guessed it right, dancing. Rhythmically moving your body enables you to regain muscle flexibility and strength.

If you're wondering whether there's a specific dance for you to soothe your muscles and joints, the good news is any dance can work. Be it ballet, or Kathak, all forms of dancing are physically therapeutic.

You’ll Boost Your Physical Health

Through dancing, one can lose weight and build muscles. Of course, there have to be other activities involved, but dancing can generally improve your physical health. What's better, anyone, regardless of age group, can dance away.

Dancing can also improve self-esteem, stamina, balance and coordination, self-confidence, mental health, and performance and enhance lung and heart health.

You Can Enhance Your Social Skills

We understand that different people prefer different things, and while some might opt for lone dancing, others go dancing with friends. And truthfully, we like the latter, as it gives us a chance to hang out with like-minded friends and people.

Spending time with people you have a lot in common helps reduce stress hormone (cortisol) levels, boosting your emotional health. As such, joining a dancing group is advisable; being with your friends helps relieve stress and boosts your mood.

You’ll Find It Easier To Relax

There are numerous ways to meditate, and if you don't like sitting or lying down during meditation, then dance is an excellent option for you. When you're in your dancing routine, all you focus on is movement, breathing, and performance, putting you in a meditative state where you can relax.

It's also better if you dance with your partner, you get to connect with your s/o while unwinding after a long day. We don't think there's a better way to relax than this.

Sometimes, life can be overwhelming, and all one needs is a break from the stress; that's where dancing comes in. The activity requires that you fully indulge in the movements and music and that you don't need to worry about anything else happening in your life.

Look at dance as a language that helps you express yourself while also getting in touch with your being. The endorphins released by dancing will ultimately make you feel happy, which in turn, improves your self-esteem and confidence. Everyone wants to feel like they're worthy, and dancing your worries away is one way of improving your self-worth.

The next time you feel low, stressed, and cannot seem to shake the joint pain and muscle stiffness, put your favorite tune on blast and dance. At the end of it, you'll be happier, lighter and definitely have a different perspective on life.