The Most Spectacular Musical Entertainers of All-Time

Michael Jackson - File Photos By Kevin Mazur
Michael Jackson - File Photos By Kevin Mazur / KMazur/GettyImages

History is full of talented artists who have mesmerized audiences with their powerful vocals and live performances; yet, there are only a select few who have imprinted themselves on the minds of people as the greatest entertainers the world has ever seen. 

Michael Jackson may be the first artist to come to mind as one of the most phenomenal performers, but many others have also enriched the experience of music lovers worldwide with their distinct aura as musicians. Here are a few. 

Michael Jackson Reigns Supreme as the King of Pop

Michael Jackson is hands down, the greatest entertainer ever. People may have been divided about his life until his demise in 2009, but his charisma as an electrifying performer has never been questioned. His songs made everyone move to the beats on their own accord, and his music videos, especially those of 'Remember the Time' and 'Thriller,' remain one of a kind. 

Known for his surgical precision as a dancer, his signature backslides, dubbed the ‘moonwalk’ had the audience in raptures and remains one of the most iconic dance moves ever. As the King of Pop, Jackson's inimitable on-stage persona dressed in a red leather jacket and white gloves is one of the most impersonated looks in history.

The Inimitable Theatrical Brilliance of Freddie Mercury

Throughout his career, Freddie Mercury dominated every stage he was on as the lead vocalist of the iconic British rock band Queen. Known for his flamboyance and highly theatrical performances that set the stage on fire, he greatly influenced his band's tone and musical direction early on. 

Freddie wrote and performed 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and 'Somebody to Love,' to packed shows, enthralling his audience with his four-octave vocal range. His Live Aid concert in 1985 remains one of the most fantastic gigs in live musical performance history. Sadly, the world mourned his loss in 1991. 

Madonna Continues to Reign as the Queen of Pop

Madonna stormed into the music scene with her bold and ground-breaking on-stage performances in the '80s and forever changed the landscape of modern pop music. The theatrics surrounding her live gigs are never simply about music; it tears through the mundane norms of society in support of radical change in our thoughts and perceptions. 

In the four decades since her debut as a singer, Madonna has given her fans numerous performances that one wants to revisit as many times as possible. Her songs like 'La Isla Bonita' and 'Papa Don't Preach' have her best live renditions. She's the Queen of Pop for a reason, and as her fifth decade rolls on as a musician, she still wears the crown.

Elvis Presley's Charismatic Performances as the King of Rock & Roll

Until recently, Elvis Presley was the best-selling solo artist with over a billion records sold worldwide, and then Michael Jackson took over the throne. Dubbed the King of Rock & Roll ever since the '60s, his charismatic performances had the audience fall apart; the frenzy surrounding his concerts kept increasing as his popularity reached feverish heights. 

Presley's incredible dance moves and achingly soulful voice proved a heady combination that people still cannot forget and yearn for nearly five decades after his demise in the '70s. The legendary musician remains in our hearts forever as one of the most outstanding entertainers. 

The Electrifying Performances of Beyoncé

It didn't take long for Beyoncé to become the cultural icon she is today. A wholesome entertainer who has the audience up on their feet grooving to her every move and syllable during her songs, she's fiery on stage. Her energetic performances liven up any venue, and the fans leave the show on a high after the event. 

Queen Bey raises the bar for every other artist whenever she's on stage, and the most memorable of them all will forever be her 2011 live performance of 'Love on Top’ where she gently caressed her stomach, turning the gig into a pregnancy announcement! The crowd acknowledged and blessed the singer with loud cheers. 

The Legendary Crooner, David Bowie

David Bowie passed away in 2016, leaving behind an unparalleled legacy as the most exceptional musician of the 20th century. Throughout his career as a singer-songwriter, his innovative approach to music and his unique depiction with stunning imagery received immense praise from the audience and won critical acclaim from his peers. 

Never afraid to experiment with sound, David was successful in every genre he attempted, proving to be a distinctively versatile star. Until he retired from touring in 2006, he had entertained millions of fans who thronged to experience his unique take on music.


We rarely see entertainers surpassing the simple measure of talent like these iconic figures. They've established themselves as showstoppers who move the public with their exceptional performances as musicians, and we don’t see these ranks changing anytime soon.