The Most Nostalgic Romantic Comedies that Changed the Game of Love

Love Story Movie
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Emotions run the gamut in romantic comedy because love, in all its beauty, is complex. Many comedic moments have occurred in the genre because viewers may identify with the predicaments endured by the protagonists, and we fall for the cliches every time! Although they may occasionally feel a touch too personal, we can usually find some common ground with the characters.

Romantic comedy aficionados had a lot to talk about in the early 2000s, thanks to a slew of excellent films in the genre. Some films advanced the genre with its risqué humor, while others returned to the genre’s roots, and the result was a hilariously good time for all. During this time, nearly every leading lady in romantic comedies has established herself as a standard fixture. Here are some romcoms that we can’t shake off even after the credits have rolled.

13 Going on 30 - A Journey Through Womanhood

Jennifer Garner, fresh off her roles in Daredevil and Alias, played the lead in a classic romantic comedy, which captured the hearts of many fans everywhere. 13 Going on 30 packs the punch with a great set of characters on top of a unique storyline. It’s the perfect blend of fantasy and romance. Garner is a delight to see on screen, but Mark Ruffalo steals the show as the boy-next-door leading guy, winning the hearts of many in the target audience. Ruffalo became an instant sensation thanks to the success of this film and the undeniable chemistry between him and Garner.

She’s The Man - Anything She Wants to Be

She’s The Man was a massive success among Shakespeare buffs. Modern and amusing, this Twelfth Night rendition won over crowds thanks to the performance marked by Amanda Bynes at the height of her fame. Her humorous skills served her well in the dual roles of Viola and Sebastian Hastings, which put her in the middle of a love triangle that may have been the most complicated in history. When it comes to romantic comedies, Channing Tatum as Duke Orsino is as flawless as it gets. The two of them were entertaining to watch for all the right reasons!

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days - When Plans Don’t Work Out 

Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey’s electrifying connection in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is proof that chemistry is all that matters sometimes. This story’s premise is intriguing: an advice columnist and a marketing executive mutually benefit from each other’s services. As expected, their humorous back-and-forth results from the many strategies employed to either lose or gain the guy’s attention. Hudson went above and beyond just to drive McConaughey’s character away, but it was all in vain. The problem is, like in every excellent romantic comedy, that after so much time together, the emotions become real, and the act becomes harder to keep up!

The Princess Diaries - Everyone Wants to be a Princess

The idea of a teenage girl becoming a princess was The Princess Diaries main hook. Mia Thermopolis, played by the gorgeous Anne Hathaway, is a relatable character since we can all connect to the desire to experience success and happiness. Although Hathaway’s likeability certainly helped, the film’s success for Disney in the early 2000s was due to a number of factors outside her charisma. Fans of Julie Andrews flocked to the theaters to see her as Queen of Genovia. There were romantic undertones, but ultimately the story was about two people looking for love: a teenager figuring out who she loves and a widow looking for love again.

Bridget Jones’s Diary -The Most Famous Diary in Rom-Com History

As Bridget Jones showed, love is messy no matter one’s age, and actress Renee Zellweger was able to showcase this tastefully onscreen. Keep in mind that Bridget kept loyal to herself throughout Bridget Jones’s Diary, which is why not one but two men ended up pining for her. Along with Colin Firth and Hugh Grant, the film spawned two more installments when they were all at the height of their careers. Bridget Jones is a relatable character because she is so realistic, and the movie does an excellent job of highlighting the issues of female self-esteem.

The Holiday - A Wonderful Holiday Movie

The Holiday is one of those movies that everyone watches every year around the holiday season. The cast is tremendously effective as a unit since every single person contributes something unique to the overall appeal of the film. Additionally, it also helps that it stars award-winning actresses, Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz.

(500) Days of Summer - 500 Days of Tears and Laughter

A lot of people cry throughout (500) Days of Summer, but what most folks don’t realize is that it’s a comedy. Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a hopeless romantic and greeting card writer, is blindsided by Summer’s (Zooey Deschanel) decision to break up with him. Thus, he begins his downward spiral, which is depicted quite well in the film.

These days flicks that tug the heartstrings are almost nonexistent, but at least we have these beloved classics that we can return to any time. Whether we need a good cry or perhaps to remind ourselves of love, we can be assured these movies are the perfect ones to watch.