Here Are the Eurovision Winners Who Found Incredible Fame

ABBA; Waterloo
ABBA; Waterloo / Keystone/GettyImages

Since its inception in 1956, Eurovision Song Contest has continually produced some of the greatest stars in the world. From Celine Dion to ABBA, the contest has given us fantastic talents, and while not everyone from the show shoots to fame, these contestants grew to be bigger than the show itself.

Considering it's majorly set in Europe, many Americans only know of Eurovision through Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams, who starred in a film by the same name. These ten stars are among the crème de la crème of Eurovision participants.

Lys Assia

Lys Assia cemented her status in history when she became the first-ever winner of Eurovision. As always, the first winner is bound to be remembered, and while her participation in the contest put her in the limelight, she enjoyed huge success after she won.

Assia rose to become an accomplished singer, and soon she was also a Eurovision legend with her song ‘O mein Papa’ featuring heavily in subsequent contests. Safe to say, the musician's life changed when she won the competition.


When Lena joined Eurovision in 2010, we doubt she knew she would win, but the stars had aligned for her. Her song ‘Satellite’ won her the top prize, but that wasn't all; it propelled her to international fame. 

Away from the show, the German singer continued to churn out chart-topping albums, making her a household name. Soon, the motion picture business came calling, and Lena landed a role in Wonder Park and The Voice Kids, both hugely successful. Apart from that, the star also earned lucrative modeling and brand sponsorship deals.


Stauch Eurovision fans will know who Netta is, with the star appearing in Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. Nevertheless, before taking her talents to the big screen, the singer wowed the masses in the 2018 edition of the Eurovision contest, emerging victorious courtesy of her hit song, ‘Toy.’

An Israeli native, Netta is using her newfound fame and talent to help nurture her country's next Eurovision contestant by sitting on the judge's panel of Israel's version of the X Factor. With countless top-charting songs, the star is the best person to tell the younger competitors how to win.

Johnny Logan

Johnny Logan made history when he became the first and only person to win the Eurovision contest twice, with his first win in 1980, with the song ‘What's Another Year’ written by Shay Healy. His second win came in 1987, with the ‘Hold Me Now’ hit he composed himself.

With his two wins, Logan became an outright star in the music scene and has since sold millions of records worldwide. Logan's stint on Eurovision undoubtedly propelled him to international fame.


In 1982, the show produced another memorable young star, Nicole. The German singer stormed to the top with her song ‘Ein bißchen Frieden,’ which went on to spend weeks at the peak of the music charts.

That was Nicole's first significant honor at only 17, as she was placed second in the Tokyo World Popular Song Festival in 1983. Over the years, the acclaimed singer cemented her status as an all-time great in her country, taking home several niche German accolades.


In the 2012 Eurovision edition held in Azerbaijan, there was a multitude of talent, but that year, Loreen from Sweden emerged victorious. The lass clinched the title courtesy of ‘Euphoria,’ which instantly became a hit tune and has since appeared in subsequent Eurovision contests.

Over the years, Sweden has done incredibly well in the contest, and Loreen ensured that the country's dominance continued. If you're wondering where you might have seen her, Loreen, just like Netta, made a cameo in the Eurovision film.

France Gall

Another Eurovision contestant who won the title at 17 years was France Gall, who took the top prize back to Luxembourg in 1965. Gall's hit tune ‘Poupée de cire, poupée de son’ opened doors for her, taking her on numerous tours worldwide.

Her career after the win was majorly successful; she released 20 albums and was also involved in humanitarianism and film production. Sadly, the singer passed on in 2018.

Conchita Wurst

If you have watched the Eurovision movie, you might think that everyone in it is a former Eurovision winner, but that's not the case. One of the most familiar faces in the film is Conchita Wurst, who made a memorable cameo.

The Austrian won the contest in 2014 with his song ‘Rise Like a Phoenix,’ which caused a major furor due to his performance. Nonetheless, many people agree that Wurst is massively talented and he has since enjoyed great success in his music career.

Céline Dion

Céline Dion is probably one of the most famous Eurovision winners; better yet, she's among the greatest musicians in the world. The star's performance of ‘Ne partez pas sans moi’ ensured that she won the title for Switzerland in 1988.

Since then, Céline has been churning out hit after hit, selling over 200 million records worldwide. With top-charting songs like ‘My Heart Will Go On’ and ‘The Power of Love,’ it's no wonder she's called the "Queen of Adult Contemporary."


When we talk about the most outstanding Eurovision winners, ABBA is who we think about. The Swedish band won in 1974, courtesy of their ‘Waterloo’ song, which set the course for the rest of the contestants on the show.

ABBA has since then gone on to give us unforgettable music, from ‘Dancing Queen’ to ‘When I Kissed the Teacher,’ and it'd be right to consider them the ultimate Eurovision poster children.


Considering how successful these contestants are, it’s safe to say that the show is a groundbreaker for music in Europe. We wonder who takes the cup next!