15 '70s Bands That Redefined Rock and Roll

Led Zeppelin At Earl's Court
Led Zeppelin At Earl's Court / Michael Putland/GettyImages

The '70s was an excellent era for rock fans and rock bands. Unfortunately, that generation's number of classic rock songs is too many to count. That's why compiling a list is easier said than done. Luckily, mama didn't raise a quitter; we bit the bullet and came up with a list of 15 of the best rock bands of the era.

Crosby, Nash & Stills

Before they graced the big stage together and people dubbed them CSN, this iconic trio were solo acts until 1968. Then, they performed together, and they realized their chemistry was unmatched. So they started working together, marking the beginning of a long successful journey.

Lyrnd Skynrd

They say teachers are a massive influence on their students and this band proves this perfectly. You might think the name comes from a weird name generator, but no, it is based on their basketball coach, Leonard Skinner. Odd name aside, this band is gunning for one of the most influential acts in the '70s.


In 1976, most of Eagles’ hits made it to the greatest hits album, which is regarded as a masterpiece. After going 38 times platinum and selling over 4 million copies, who are we to argue?


Of course, we can't have this list without talking about the legendary AC/DC. No one in the industry can do a show like them, and everyone tries to borrow some of their magic. From the costumes to the electrifying riffs and the crowd energy, AC/DC is a class act.


Only a few rock bands have ever managed to capitalize on their success like Aerosmith. This band grew a reputation on and off the stage, with fans and industry professionals wondering what they were made of. They were so successful Disneyland had a rollercoaster ride made in their honor.


The band called Queen was the first to stand out and go against the grain, which paid off. As a result, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ remains an iconic masterpiece that very few can emulate. Freddie Mercury brought the fire with his impressive vocals while the rest of the team backed him up like the gods they were. We envy everyone who watched them live.

The Who

Despite what the name might sound like, these guys were famous. Aside from Queen, The Who was probably the only band that embraced experimenting properly. How good were they? Well, one of their albums was so successful it inspired an opera and a film.

Fleetwood Mac

Most bands usually take a decade or so to get a proper footing in the industry but not this one. Their debut album was a massive success, selling around 40 million copies. Interestingly, the band is still active today and does shows all over the country.

Deep Purple

The name might sound a bit vanilla, but this band is anything but ordinary. Their live stage presence is unparalleled, and they were once the Guinness World Record holder for the loudest concert, after some audience members passed out in a 1972 concert.

The Beatles

For decades, this group had the most number-one singles across the globe. So many people quote their work as inspirations, and it's easy to understand why. Their music is timeless, and their fans seem to grow endlessly.

Black Sabbath

Before Black Sabbath came along, heavy metal was still on the fringe, but once people tasted this bunch, the rest is history. Their music opened the doors to a new genre, allowing fans and people to enjoy something with a lot more kick.

The Rolling Stones

It has been around six decades with the Rolling Stones, but these guys just won't quit. Their music and craftsmanship are unmatched. No one can hold a candle to their work, especially when they were crowned The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World years ago.

Bruce Springsteen

Need we say more? You know someone is legendary when he is a solo act but stands toe to toe with legendary bands. His superbowl performance is just a tip of the iceberg. Mr. Springsteen understands music and his fans. That’s why anyone signing up is prepared for something magical.

Pink Floyd

Any rock fan who claims they don't know Pink Floyd is a poser. Their album Dark Side of the Moon is a record breaker, having lived in the charts for a staggering 937 weeks. That's a whole adult right there!

Led Zeppelin

Lastly, we have the legendary Led Zeppelin, who have done the impossible. Every album these guys released topped the charts, making people wonder if they could ever fail. Fortunately, the day never came, and here we are decades later, still rocking on to their hit song ‘Stairway to Heaven.’

Were these picks what you expected? Hopefully, we didn’t miss out on most of your favorite bands. Before we wrap up, however, we have a few honorable mentions that didn't make the cut here but deserve recognition. Styx, Journey, Bob Dylan, Blondie, and Steely Dan are iconic bands and individuals that also deserve the spotlight.